Located in Squamish BC, Factor Building Panels is at the forefront of the most advanced custom and prefabricated home construction. FACTOR's European design and build approach results in a sustainably-built and healthy home that will also significantly reduce energy costs.

Qualified technicians will help your project to achieve either PASSIVE HOUSE certification or ENERGY STAR qualification.

Building Beautiful, Energy-Efficient & Healthy Homes

The Future of Home Construction is here, now. 

- healthy

- natural building materials

- carbon friendly

- offside building

- prefab


- resilience

 Quality Materials 
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39550 Government Rd
PO Box 2241
Squamish, BC V8B 0B5
P: 604-892-1088
TF: 1-866-358-2283
F: 604-892-1098


Custom Wall & Roof Panel Design
All-Natural, Fully Insulated & Sealed Panel Construction
Certified Passive House Consultants
Project Management