A Home That Feels Like No Other

Prefabricated Custom Homes

Local, accountable, and experienced, at Factor Building Panels we care about healthy living and working spaces where indoor air quality is responsibly guaranteed by our natural building material choices.  If it is indeed true that the ultimate outcome for any building is to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for its occupants, then the notion of using considerably less energy while doing so makes for a truly compelling reason to consider this advanced building system for your project.      

The Passive House Advantage

Factor Building Panels can be built to the rigorous standards of Passive House. These homes offer more than just energy savings: 

  • Excellent indoor air quality means no discomfort due to VOC’s, mould, or other pathogens. These homes are healthy!

  • Equal diffusion of heat in the home, no cold spots by winter months.

  • Summer heat is no match for the superior insulation of FACTOR-built wall & roof panels, along with triple pane windows, the home stays cool.

  • Superior sound insulation, these homes are extremely quiet, blocking out most exterior noise.

  • Feels good in many ways to use less fossil fuels to run your home and in a time of rising energy costs and changing building codes in BC, this type of home is an excellent investment. 

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